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Rob Wise focuses his practice on appeals and advanced motions, product liability defense, and complex commercial litigation, including class and mass actions.

As a founding member of the firm’s Appellate and Advanced Motions practice group, Rob serves in that role on several high-profile class and mass actions, including in ongoing alleged football-concussion-injury litigation, nationwide automotive and vehicle putative class actions, and medical device class and mass actions, coordinating the briefing and legal-issues strategy for those cases. He has also handled appeals before all levels of appellate courts in Virginia in both civil and administrative proceedings and has been involved in appeals throughout the country as lead appellate counsel, on-brief author, and off-brief legal strategy consultant.  He also works on appeals from the amicus perspective, both authoring amicus briefs as well as working with industry and advocacy groups to promote client interests and positions.

Rob works closely with businesses to develop global strategies on difficult issues that can raise broader, company-wide concerns. His trial-motions support includes posturing, arguing, and preserving issues for possible appeal.  He is involved in developing legal strategy and motions practice for several high-profile class actions for a variety of clients involving a wide range of products.  His product liability work focuses primarily on representing manufacturers and businesses in catastrophic personal-injury matters nationwide.

Rob is active in several legal and professional organizations, including DRI and its Appellate Advocacy Committee and Class Action Seminars, as well as the Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys, for which he served on the board for several years. He is also a regular author and presenter on a variety of topics of interest to his clients at state and national conferences and seminars.

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At Bowman and Brooke, we know that cases do not begin on the first day of trial and they do not end when the jury returns a verdict. The Appellate and Advanced Motions Team at Bowman and Brooke can help you at every crucial stage of your litigation.

Before trial, we can assist you and your trial team with motions related to venue, jurisdiction and choice of law; dispositive motions; Daubert challenges; motions in limine; as well as the overall legal strategy for your case. During trial, we assist with all legal arguments directed to the evidence, as well as directed verdict motions and jury instructions so that trial counsel is best positioned to prevail with the jury. All the while, we provide a watchful eye to preserve and position issues for appeal. At all times, our intent is to support, and not second-guess, trial counsel’s strategy. After trial, we know how to combine the research, writing, and oral advocacy skills that determine the outcome of post-verdict motions and appeals.

We pride ourselves on knowing the law and procedure and combining it with the art of persuasive advocacy on your behalf. In this regard, we are well-practiced at condensing a multi-month trial into a concise brief that captures the essence of our position and then being able to describe that perspective to the appellate court in the short time permitted for oral argument.

We can do this because we have handled appeals in civil, administrative and criminal matters on behalf of insureds, businesses and manufacturers in high-risk and bet-the-company situations throughout the country. We have decades of experience and knowledge in handling legal issues relating to product liability, property damage, catastrophic personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, employment, worker’s compensation and other tort-related, criminal and statutory claims. We have spent countless hours in the trenches during complex trials to advance legal arguments and have experience working seamlessly with in-house counsel and trial teams from other firms.

Bowman and Brooke LLP is a nationally recognized trial firm with one of the largest product liability practices in the country.

Since 1985, we have defended corporate clients as both lead trial counsel and national coordinating counsel in high-exposure and technically intricate lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions. The firm’s attorneys defend a variety of corporate clients, including Global 500 and internationally-based companies, in widely publicized catastrophic injury and wrongful death matters as well as other complex litigation. We have tried cases in more than 350 courthouses in 48 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and several Canadian provinces.

We regularly try precedent-setting bellwether cases and have become a national presence in defending our clients in class actions, federal multi-district litigation, state consolidated actions and other complex matters. Our resources go beyond our core group of first-chair trial lawyers to include the legal analysis and briefing brainpower necessary to aggressively and tirelessly pursue the results our clients demand, both in the boardroom and in the courtroom.