Ross And Lawless Team Up To Win Appeal – Preserving Defense Verdict And Summary Judgment Victory

Mathew Ross (Partner-White Plains) and Patrick Lawless (Partner-New York) obtained an excellent unanimous decision from the Appellate Division, Second Department on a difficult construction case. Mat tried the case for a large city and its School Construction Authority in the latter part of 2019 and obtained a unanimous jury defense verdict after the plaintiff turned down a sizeable offer to settle the case while the jury was deliberating. The plaintiff appealed the final judgment, […]

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Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Appeal From First Circuit Of Website Accessibility Tester Case

On March 27, 2023, the Supreme Court granted a petition for a writ of certiorari by Acheson Hotels in Acheson Hotels, LLC v. Deborah Laufer, Case No. 21-1410. In its petition to appeal from an earlier First Circuit decision analyzed in a prior post, Acheson Hotels asks the Supreme Court to resolve the following question:

Does a self-appointed Americans with Disabilities Act “tester” have Article III standing to challenge a place of public accommodation’s failure to provide disability accessibility […]

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USPTO Announces Director Review For Ex Parte Appeals

In a bulletin issued July 24, 2022, focused on Director Review of Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) decisions in AIA trials, the USPTO also announced the creation of “a new Appeals Review Panel (ARP), which may be convened by the Director sua sponte, to review PTAB ex parte, reexamination, or reissue appeal decisions,” and published a memorandum and updated internal operating procedures pertaining to ex parte appeals. The ARP and memorandum will be of interest to practitioners and stakeholders […]

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